How Technical SEO Can Improve Your Blog

Without a lengthy introduction, we can all agree that technical SEO has changed the way we perceive Google rankings, search-ability, and, of course, traffic generation. Here are a couple of small (but very important) things to keep in mind to improve your blog or site:


Pepperpotdigital┬ásays Google uses a lot of metrics when trying to “understand” a site’s worth and quality. One of these metrics is user behavior – which includes the length of time users spend on each page, an indicator of how well the site engages the user. In order to keep the interest and engagement of users, keep an eye on the following:

– Broken links and images- Malfunctioning internal search feature- Working contact and query forms- Working registration, login and feedback forms- Working shopping cart- 404 pages
Note: 404 pages aren’t entirely a bad thing. These pages let the users know that there’s something wrong with the requested page: they may have entered an invalid URL or one that no longer exists. To turn this into a positive experience, make the 404 pages interactive: offer page suggestions, or place a search widget to assist the users in locating what they were looking for.

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